Resource Kit for ePublishing

> Writing is one of the most important skills students can learn.  Competent writing supports successful learning in many school subjects as well as in the world of work!

> The shift in student roles from CONTENT CONSUMER to CONTENT  CREATOR is one of the most exciting changes in learning to be brought about by the technology revolution!

> Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could inspire all students to write enthusiastically? If all learned the skills needed to write skillfully, even create their own books and magazines?

> The Resource Kit for ePublishing provides support and structure for authentic writing projects!

 Resource Kit for ePublishing
Writing Skills + Technology Skills = Class Publications

Students develop writing skills as they collaboratively produce professional looking books and magazines 
The Kit contains everything needed to guide students through the experience of writing and publishing. High motivation writing activities culminate in the production of a class publication. Along the way, students experience everything from identifying a topic of interest, to writing skillfully about it, and finally designing their own ‘ePublications.’ Other than common word processing software and access to the web, no other resources are required. The Kit may be used across grade levels and is particularly appropriate for upper elementary and middle school classes.

Writing is a skill set that represents an important gateway to success in learning across the curriculum, test taking, and the world of work.
It is a key skill in thinking and problem solving. Writing, however, remains an area that eludes a great many students. The Resource Kit for ePublishing uses Publishing, the culminating phase of The Writing Process, as an entry point to offer high motivation, relevant activities that result in the production of class publications all will be proud to share with peers, parents, the school community… and beyond.

The ePublishing Kit will inspire today’s, digital native students to WRITE and in the process learn traditional writing skills, technology skills (especially those that support writing), and 21st Century Literacy Skills!

The kit illustrates many easy ways to prepare and upload a class publication to the web. These 'eBooks' and 'eZines'  are easy to open and read on any computer and can be presented to parents and audiences by sharing their links, putting them on disc, emailing them, or placing them in a class or school blog or website.  The kit also shows a variety of ways to produce a class book or magazine in hard copy.

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the Resource Kit for ePublishing is a low cost way to introduce an innovative approach to teaching Writing while Integrating Technology into the classroom -  
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