Resource Kit for ePublishing

The kit contains:

• 60 Activities for Students
(upper elementary through middle school and higher grades*)
20 Beginner
– 20 Intermediate
– and 20 Challenging Level
Each activity is supported by 4 items: a) Lesson Plan, b) Student Project Card
(explains the project), c) Student’s Planning Sheet, and d) Rubric and Assessment Sheet

These materials are provided in both book and disc formats. The kit may be used to implement projects for one or more whole classes.

• A Classroom Management & References resource book
with background research and information,
Curriculum Matrices, Classroom Management and Assessment instructions, etc. 

• 100 “How-To” Cards
for Macintosh users and 100 “How-To” Cards for Windows users. These provide tutorials on the skills needed to participate in the project and allow students to learn or review these independently without having to rely on formal, whole group lessons. 

* With addtional teacher support, the kit may be used effectively for early elementary classes, as well.