Resource Kit for ePublishing

The Kit strongly fosters Skills & Standards in the following areas:LOGYhe Resource Kit for ePublishing

TECHNOLOGY Skills  and Standards
 Word Processing, Desktop Publishing, Online Research, Digital Graphics, Miscellaneous Tech Skills / ISTE Standards for Students + MCREL Standards in Technology.
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WRITING / English Language Arts Skills and Standards
Over 20 skills essential to writing including - Identifying a Theme, Creating Outlines, Writing Drafts, Proof Reading and Editing, Writing Letters, Procedural Narratives, Descriptive Writing, Expanding Vocabulary, Creating a Bibliography, Punctuation, Using Graphic Organizers, Revising Drafts, Citations, and more...
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SOCIAL STUDIES and SCIENCE Skills and Standards
 Research Skills (i.e. Conducting a Survey, Using Search Engines, Image and Video searches, etc.) - Use of online thesaurus/dictionary and language translator - Creating a Time Lines, and more...
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VISUAL ART & DESIGN Skills and Standards
Over 15 important design skills and techniques, including - Illustration, Publication Design, Word Art & Text Effects, Photo Collage, Create a logo, Create and use Borders, Create Author Headshots, Create Graphs (line, bar, circle), Setting up a Storyboard, and more...
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21st Century Skills
 Core Subjects and 21st Century Themes, Learning and Innovation Skills, Information, Media and Technology Skills. Click here for an explanation of how the kit's activities relate to this emerging body of skills and standards.
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