Resource Kit for ePublishing

Social Studies and Science Skills

  • Research Skills
    - Conducting a Survey
  • - Using a Search Engine
  • - Conducting Image Searches
  • - Use of Online Thesaurus/Dictionary
  • - Use an Online Citation Engine
  • - Advanced Searches (i.e. videos, news articles, etc.)
  • - Research Map
    Representation Skills
    - Create a Time Line
    - Create a Flow Chart
    - Create and Use Graphic Organizers
    - Create Graphs (line, bar, circle )

    Kit activities provide contest and opportunities for students to meaningfully and rigorously explore and report on all of the 10 thematic strands of Social Studies content (National Council for Social Studies: ):
     I. Culture, II. Time, Continuity, and Change, III. People, Places, and Environments, IV. Individual Development and Identify, V. Individuals, Groups, and Institutions, VI. Power, Authority, and Governance, VII. Production, Distribution, and Consumption, VIII. Science, Technology and Society, IX. Global Connections, and X. Civic Ideals and Practices. 

    They also very strongly facilitate learning of all the Essential Social Studies Skills identified by the  (NCSS) Task Force on Scope and Sequence and listed under the following headings and sub-headings:
    : Find Information,  Arrange information in Useable forms; TECHNOLOGY: Computer Resources;  SOFTWARE SKILLS; THINKING: Interpret and Analyze Information: Summarize, Synthesize, and Evaluate Information;  and DECISION MAKING SKILLS; INTERPERSONAL & SOCIAL PARTICIPATION skills
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    Kit activities provide opportunities for students to meaningfully and rigorously explore and report on all of the 8 Categories of Science Content listed in the National Science Standards document (NATIONAL ACADEMY PRESS ): Unifying concepts and processes in science; Science as inquiry; Physical science; Life science; Earth and space science; Science and technology; Science in personal and social perspectives; History and nature of science.