Resource Kit for ePublishing

 Student Publishing:
Key to Developing Writing

(and other) Literacy Skills

A pillar of writing instruction is the Writing Process, whose
5 phases include: 1) Pre-writing (research, outlining, story boarding, etc.) 2) Draft (initial composition) 3) Revision (review and modification) 4) Editing (proofreading for clarity, conventions, style, etc.) and 5) PUBLISHING (design, production in hard copy or digital, and distribution of final version).

The Resource Kit for ePublishing uses the PUBLISHING phase of The Writing Process as an entry point to engage and guide students in writing and publishing their own ePublications. The kit's projects guide students through all 5 phases of the process and are fully integrated 
with aspects publisihing, like editing and design, and culminate in the production of sophisticated magazines and book products. Students find this makes writing relevant and engaging, and instills pride in the products that result from their learning.  

Today's digital native students live in a media saturated environment. Simply displaying a single, best finish version of a writing sample on a bulletin board will no longer satisfy their desire to authentically participate in the real world. ePublishing will allow them to take their place as legitimate content producers and inspire them to learn as the write and publish!